In love with chair

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She loves to sit even sleep at my chair, you can move the chair everywhere and bubu will stay wherever the chair rolls, until I post this blog she being
"The cat who can't be move"
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At Umaku

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Thank You for taking me with to your favorite sushi restaurant, you said sashimi is the best,
ummmm...may I?

So that was yummy, how about this? California rolls, give it to me..give it to mee!

Can I have another rolls too?

Okay, I'm full now...can we go home?

At Livingroom

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Look at sleepy Bubu

here kitty kitty... how are you?

hahaaaa bubuu me miss you, but stop tickled me...hahaha

hahahaaaa.... stop it, I give up already

Mungbean is healty for you too bubu

Bubu and Goldie Ribbon

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"Let me introduce my self, my name is bubu and I have pluffy paws. touch me"

"And I have golden eyes too,"

"Fit in with this goldie ribbon"

Bubu and Plastic Bag

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Guess what is inside this plastic bag?

Now something is looking at me, she come out with her paws

"It's me, bubu.."

"Trust me, I'm just having fun inside this plastic bag"

"Fine, if you don't trust me, I will stay here"


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"hummm....loly, you said we are going to lapangan banteng, but why there's no bull here? are they inside?"

"I will look around somehow"

"hey, they are blooming, soo beautiful"

"Maybe I will take a nap for a while, zzzzz..."



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Today, danbo visit my office, well officially out from my bag see what he's got...

"Have a breakfast, won't you?"


"ah, hello loly, you looks so sweet"

"wooww... can I have this big one too?"

"I can hear what it said"

"I'm still hungry anyway, can I have it too?"